Médico encontra uma sanguessuga alojada em sistema respiratório de chinês

Por: Redação Metropolitana | 29 abril - 2:50 PM | comentários

Um garoto chinês, Xiaobo Chien, foi ao médico alegando  dor de garganta e muita dor de cabeça. Normal, apenas mais um garoto de 11 anos gripado, certo? NÃO! O médico encontrou uma sanguessuga alojada em seu sistema respiratório, que estava se desenvolvendo a mais de duas semanas!

O jovem alegou que, ao sair da escola, parou para tomar água em um balde ao lado da estrada do qual voltava, sem saber que dentro do mesmo, haviam larvas de sanguessuga.

Pic shows: X-ray of Xiaobo prior to surgery. A schoolboy complaining of a sore throat and losing consciousness had the shock of his life when doctors removed a 7cm-long leech that had been growing inside him for a month. Xiaobo Chien, 11, had been walking home from school when he stopped to drink a some water from a bucket on the side of the road which had been collected by farmers to wet their fields in Huidong County in southwest Chinaís Sichuan Province. But he didnít realise that the water contained leech larvae. Mum Xiang Tung, 33, said: "At first we thought he had flu as he said he was felling dizzy and had a sore throat. "He hadnít told us about the water-drinking so it never occurred to us that he may have picked up something. "We gave him medication and kept him in bed but if anything it started getting worse, with him sometimes blacking out." Eventually, she decided to take Xiaobo to see a doctor. A hospital spokesman said: "We found that the boy had swallowed leech larvae and that it had lodged itself in his respiratory tract. "It had grown to 7cm, and every time it curled up it blocked his airway causing him to lose consciousness. "It is most likely that it had moved from his gullet up to his throat so it could get air. "Fortunately, it hadn't caused any infection and we were able to extract it without any complications and the boy is now feeling much better.í Xiaobo said: "I wonít be drinking water from a bucket again. " (ends)

Por sorte, o garoto não sofreu infecção e os médicos conseguiram retirar a sanguessuga sem mais dificuldades.  

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