Fotos da irmã de Marcela do “BBB20” fazem sucesso nas redes sociais

Fotos da irmã de Marcela do “BBB20” fazem sucesso nas redes sociais - Metropolitana FM

Mariane Mc Gowan, irmã da Marcela do “BBB20”, já está começando a ganhar alguns seguidores e curtidas a mais no Instagram!

Aos 38 anos, a loira é a mais velha entre os irmãos e tem uma filha. Nos cliques publicados na rede social, Mariane costuma exibir a ótima forma em looks que valorizam sua beleza. “Parece uma Barbie”, comentou um seguidor em uma publicação dela. “Beleza é de família”, disse outro.

Veja algumas fotos da musa:

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It’s time to stop. Stop apologizing for being emotionally unavailable. Stop saying you’re sorry you’re incapable of loving anyone but yourself right now. Stop making yourself feel like the bad guy for following your gut instincts. Stop allowing others to blame you for putting your own heart first. Stop letting them make you feel bad for not being interested in things that do not help you grow. Stop looking for someone else to complete you when you are already whole on your own. And then you can start. Start embracing it all. Start living boldly and unapologetically. Start saying no more often. Start pleasing yourself instead of being hang up on what others think. Start loving yourself. Start refusing to settle for anything less than the best. Start thriving in your singleness. Start shaping you life into exactly what you always hoped it would be. Start creating your own happiness 💥

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Who needs snowflakes when you have seashells? …

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